Serving Your Community

Throughout history, Jewish communities have thrived due to a unique cohesiveness and burden sharing, and powerful institutions at their core.
Agudath Israel of America is dedicated toward strengthening the ingredients that make our communities work well for all their members.

By empowering community rabbis, leaders of educational institutions and activists in the halls of government power, community members have a solid foundation upon which to build their dream family and religious life.


Yeshiva Resources:

Administrator Workshops

Agudath Israel of America hosts professional workshops throughout the year, helping administrators of yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs and day schools more efficiently run their institutions and meet their budgetary obligations.

These workshops are also aimed at helping the school administrators navigate the waters of local government. This includes staying current, and in compliance with, with current regulatory requirements, as well as keeping abreast of new opportunities.

Religious Rights Advocacy

America’s lurch towards secularism in recent years poses a significant challenge to Jews who seek to remain steadfast in their beliefs and traditions in everything they do.

Agudath Israel of America is a leading voice in government halls of power and courts across the country, working to ensure that our constitutional rights are fully protected. This work includes lobbying, working with regulatory authorities, filing legal briefs and even drafting legislation when necessary.

Siyum HaShas

Few, if any, individual events have transformed American Jewish religious life as has the grand Siyum Hashas celebrations upon the completion of each full Daf Yomi learning cycle, arranged by Agudath Israel of America.

In recent decades, Siyum Hashas participation has skyrocketed – and the program has become significantly enriched – each seven-and-a-half year cycle. The most recent Siyum Hashas, in 5772 (2012), drew an estimated 80,000 men and women, making it the largest Jewish community event in America ever. Community members of all ages, from a diverse cross section of Orthodox society, celebrated our common heritage and left more motivated than ever to learn Torah, and Daf Yomi in particular.

Senior Citizen Centers

Our community’s men and women deserve to have their golden years filled with joy and fulfillment. Agudath Israel of America operates senior citizens centers in various communities across America, offering seniors a stimulating and constructive infrastructure to spend their days.

Rabbinic Conferences

Agudath Israel of America arranges for periodic conferences between affiliated rabbinical leaders. At these conferences, the pressing issues of the day, and the most ideal solutions, are discussed. As a result, our rabbinical leaders and their emissaries can most effectively help our communities thrive and overcome their challenges.

School Choice Advocacy

Virtually every Orthodox family sees private school tuition expenses as a significant chunk of its budget, and a heavy burden on its financial standing.

Agudath Israel of America and its regional divisions work to keep this issue at the forefront of the minds of legislators and communities across the countries. Several communities now enjoy government subsidized school choice programs – and the list will hopefully continue growing in the years ahead.