Agudath Israel Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah Report

The Torah communities of the United States and Eretz Yisroel derived a boost of ruchniyus and mutual chizuk last week, during the annual Agudath Israel of America Yarchei Kallah in Yerushalayim. For the 16th consecutive year, a large group of businessmen and professionals, from North America and beyond, many accompanied Read More

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Hundreds of men from all over the world are getting ready for a life changing experience in Eretz Yisroel, taking a break from their everyday routine to spend five incredible days completely immersed in the world of Torah at Agudah’s 17th annual Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah. The Agudah Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah Read More

Rashi: Questions of the week 1. Why did Eisav change the name of his wife from Ahalivama to Yehudis? 2. Name three categories of people who merit that הקב״ה forgives them completely for their sins. To receive the Pirchei Weekly straight to you inbox send a blank email to Black and White version below Read More

Right click below each recording to download. Rabbi Gershon Bess Hilchos Ribis Click Here to Download. Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, P’sicha to Eizehu Neshech Click Here to Download. Rabbi Ari Marburger, P’sicha to Eizehu Neshech Click Here to Download. Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky, Eizehu Neshech Click Here to Download. Intro to Ribis, Rav Dov Kahn Click Here to Download. Rabbi Shia Heshel Read More

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Mission Statement

Agudath Israel of America recognizes that the Torah stands at the root of our Nation’s existence, and serves as the wellspring through which we can continue flourishing in the future.

Through its Torah projects division, Agudath Israel of America is at the forefront of ensuring that Torah learning is within reach of Jews of all ages, backgrounds and locales, and will continue to blossom. The Torah projects division also organizes various inspirational Torah oriented events to help members of our community spread and intensify their spiritual flame.

Key People

Rabbi Avrohom Nisan Perl

National Director of Commission on Torah Projects, Agudath Israel of America

Rabbi Eliyahu Simcha Bamberger

National Director of Daf Yomi Commission, Agudath Israel of America